This is me

The best way to introduce myself would be to get to know each other in person, but it's true that you always need a little introduction.

I am Miriam, a very simple and dreamy girl. One of the things that characterises me is the fact that I am enthusiastic about life; I love contact with people and above all I like making them happy and sharing their emotions.

Curiosity leads me to be able to listen because I know that there is always something to learn. This gives me the ability to tiptoe into the world of those around me and inspire me to create the event.

Whether it’s weddings or other events, every occasion is unique and special, which is why I believe in teamwork and collaboration with partners, which helps me to make your dreams come true.

I am very cheerful, smiling and proactive (also a bit stubborn) and when there are problems I see them as incentives to be faced with determination.

And now … you just have to contact me ! 🙂